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Auto Goverla

  • Genetics: Indica x Sativa
  • Origin: Auto Northen Light x Auto AK
  • Average Yield: 30 - 60 gr
  • Flowering Time: 60 days

Auto Goverla Fem gets its name from the highest mountain and the highest point of Ukraine: Goverla. And as you have already guessed this is the tallest strain among the auto flowering plants of Carpathians Seeds. We’ve managed to achieve this by crossing specially selected plants and the taller of two well-known sorts of AK and Northern Lights. Indoor the plant grows more than 1 meter in height, outdoor it is able to exceed 1.5 meters. Therefore, the yield of the sort is at its highest level. Auto Goverla Fem has a uniform ratio of leaves and buds, which makes it look lush and gorgeous. Also, its incredible beauty is thanks to its large buds that are generously dusted with sugary crystals, which are covered in resin. At the flowering stage this beauty gives off a strong enough scent, its flavour reminding of spices with a subtle hint of lime. Its effect will give you a wide spectrum of positive emotions. It will elevate you, take into nirvana, and then it will relax you until the peace and love of the world surrounds you. Auto Goverla Fem is not very whimsical in care, so it can grow anyplace where there is enough space and light.

Auto Goverla

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