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The Carpathians are a unique ecosystem that retained its pristine purity until today. The crystalline mountain streams, ancient and majestic forest, hard peaks and foothills with its temperate climate; we are sure that the Carpathians never fail to surprise with their beauty.

It’s not possible to find the better place for the cultivation of high-quality cannabis seeds, and for this reason, the Ukrainian-Czech seed bank “Carpathians Seeds” has been created here!
In those days, when we were just starting out, we were a group of amateur breeders united by the common desire to give the world new and unique varieties of marijuana.
Since then it has been a long time, and today we are a large and well-known seed bank in Europe whose products are popular among growers around the world. Our seeds are sold successfully in the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Chile and other countries.
Apart from that, we more than once have visited the major cannabis festivals such as “Cannafest” and “Expoweed”.

Thanks to the 10-year experience of “Carpathians Seeds” in cannabis breeding, the seed bank has carefully selected and genetically stabilized products, ensuring 100% germination and abundant harvests. All seeds in our range belong to the first generation (F1), and most varieties are autoflowering. It is very important for us that every grower can easily grow his favorite plants, even if he lives in a short summer zone.

We have tried to put to these seeds all the indomitable force of the nature of the Carpathians, and, judging by the increasing number of satisfied customers, we succeeded. So we are sure that you will definitely find something special for yourself in the assortment of “Carpathians Seeds” and be happy with the result!