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Auto White Tisa is a compact, low-scented grade. The plant has resinous cones, densely covered with crystals. The effect is Sativa and indica mixed. It activates the thinking process.

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Auto White Tisa is a sort that many of you will remember and appreciate, and maybe even choose as one of the best. Genetics of this are Auto Jack and Auto White Widow. Auto White Tisa embraced their parents’ top qualities. This compact plant grows about one meter in height, so it is good for growing indoors, as well as easy to hide outdoors. Its flowers are average sized, but very densely covered with crystal trichromes, which gives it an air of elegant beauty. During flowering it smells not very much, so that’s another plus for growing it indoors. Its flavour is fresh and invigorating, with citrus notes and a bit of tartness. So even the faint smell that it emits will not embarrass you. The effect of Auto White Tisa is a Sativa/Indica mix that provides a strong body relaxing effect, but results in an motionally soft mind-state and active thinking process. Also, on the palate, there is a gentle fresh citrus. Auto White Tisa is recommended for both indoor as well as outdoor growing.

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Indica x Sativa x Ruderalis


60 days

Plant height

80 – 100 cm


40 – 45 gr


Auto Jack x Auto White Widow

Seeds in package

10, 3, 5

3 reviews for Auto White Tisa fem

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    Очень сильно понравился сорт, пробовал в прошлом году, решил заказать и оценить собственно выращенный. А пока они едут подготавливаю для них все необходимое, включая гроубоксы, удобрения и конечно же терпение. Придется долго ждать но оно того стоит.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alex Hunter

    Yesterday I cut several branches that were at the very bottom, were quite dwarf. Dried in the oven and tested.What can I say, was enough for two times and it was cool.Received a very good harvest, thanks the store for very fast delivery and super quality.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Кирилл Потапенко

    Первым что меня сподвигло, купить данный сорт, это желание попробовать что-то по настоящему новое, осталось совсем немного до того дня, когда я сделаю свой второй заказ. Надеюсь он будет на порядок больше чем первый)

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